Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Introducing Living Books of Today

As a parent, librarian and avid reader, nothing has inspired me more [ok. God's Grace inspires me more!] than Miss Charlotte Mason and her approach to education. The ladies at Amblesideonline (AO) have done a SUPERB job of building a full Charlotte Mason style homeschooling curriculum for FREE. There are other similar curriculums at Mater Amabillis and An Old-Fashioned Education.

With your help, I will be building a list of "Living Books" published since the end of World War II. Feel free to email me, or leave in the comments, your suggestions for books to be included in this list.

Check back from time-to-time to see updates to the initial list. I have a lot to learn about how to organize this!! I'm sure a web site would be better for it than a blog, so I'm looking into that. How do I go about setting one up and all that? Do I provide links to enable purchase of these materials or not? hmmmmmm

How, for example, do I keep this post on the first page of the blog at all times?? How do I keep the lists straight?!!


Leonie said...

Nice lists so far - could you use Blogger gadgets to help with keeping links to certain posts??

Lisa said...

I'm hoping to find a better way than I have. I set up the bookshop thing [I do try to buy from blogger sites] but not sure if I want that or Library Thing or what.

Thankful Paul said...

Hello! :)

Mel said...

I see you haven't updated in a while. Thank you very much for what you do have! I'm new to homeschooling and most of the Charlotte Mason suggestions sound very drab.....thrilled to find a list of modern fun books!